The birth

I belived the birth day would be Friday the 4th, but Kindra was not agree. She had been messing around from early morning, and clearly not feeling well. She was outside and threw up and did not find time to rest.

And then the water brok. In the sofa upstairs…

10:40 A boy
11:15 A girl
11:50 A girl
12:20 A boy
12:40 A girl

So during exact 2 hours 5 beautiful pups were born! 3 girls and 2 boys! Mom Kindra is a caring and relaxed mom.

The first born boy! Look at that sweet face and the white tail tip!!

The 2nd pup born. A sweet girl!
Proud mom Kindra with her 5 wonders. We put them in a basket when we washed the puppy pen, changed blankets and washed Kindra.